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1940s Props Theme

1940s Props, 1940s theming, RAF, Navy, Army Theming, Churchill Statues, Flags, Maps, Sirens, Sand bags, Camo Nets, uniforms, 1940s Prop Hire and army surplus for event prop hire for 1940s theme parties and street parties. Any Country, Any 1940s Military Event. A 1940s victory party, amazing uniforms, military runway lights, oversized flags 1940s backdrops and theming. Full Regalia for the army navy and airforce.
1940s Military Props & Theming

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Theme Traders party planners specialise in 1940s Military props and 1940s equipment. Theme Traders history is army surplus and can provide anything at all Army airforce and Navy,1940s themed parties, 1940s room theming. 1940s Military oil drums, air raid signs, furniture, 1940s uniform and costumes, From Top Gun to desert rats 1940s props available. Full or part room theme or simply hire 1940s props from Themetraders vast 1940s Military prop hire stock.

1940s Military Banquets - Fake Food

1940s RAF Props

1940s Military Dressings - Medical Chests & Crates

1940s Army Surplus

1940s Military Statues - Soldiers

Army Statues

1940s Military Theming - Winston Churchill

1940s Theming

1940s Military Props - Air Raid Sirens

1940s Army Props

1940s Military Props - Camouflage Nets

Camouflage Nets