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90s Props

The 90s is a fantastic decade for film, tv, music and movie props, 90s props for wonderful theming, parties and decorations. Party ideas include giant school disco props, medical props, giant mobile phones, baywatch props, Spice Girls & Brit Pop props and silhouettes. Titanic props, Austin Powers theming and props, Disney film props, The Lion King theming the 90s, 1990s props set the theme for a great party.
School Disco Props

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Theme Traders party planners offer theme party services for 90s events and prop hire, 90s school disco props 90s film props, 90s music props, 90s political props, 90s icons in 3d, oversize mouse, oversize mobile phone props, ghetto blaster props, spice girl silhouettes, also graffiti props walls and grunge fashion props and panels of 90s icons. Room theming is Themetraders speciality. 90s Props available for hire, or installations.

Giant Mobile Phones

Giant Mobile Phones

Ghetto Blasters

90s Ghetto Blasters

Graffitti Walls

90s Graffitti Walls

Baywatch Props

90s Baywatch Television Props

Spice Girls Silhouettes

90s Spice Girls Silhouettes

Brit Pop Props

90s Brit Pop Props