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Australian Props - Theme

Australian Props, Australian Theming, Australian Themed Events, Australian prop hire, Australia Day Parties.Kangaroo statues, didgereedoo hire, Australian backdrops. Amazing parties and themed Australian events can be created by Themetraders international party planners.
Australian Props Theme

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Theme Traders party planners offer magnificent Australian events, displays & Australian theming for exhibitions,displays & Australia Day party decorations from vast in-house event prop hire stock, also installation & for Australian themes. Australian props include, themed food stalls, costumes, backdrops, artefacts, traditional australian props & statues & themed Australian props & Australian events for parties. Australian props may be dry hired.

Australian Animal Statues - Shark

Australian Animal Statues

Australian Surf Shacks - Surfboards

Australian Surf Shacks

Australian Props - Lifeguard Float & Chair

Australian Lifeguard Props

Australian Props - Kangaroo Statues

Australian Kangaroo Statues

Australian signs

Australian signs

Australian Backdrops - Sydney Opera House

Australian Backdrops