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Bar Mitzvahs - Bat Mitzvahs

Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs with full or part party organisation as well as pre family parties planned from beginning to end with all or any service required for your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah simcha. Professional experienced event management, party planners and party planning at top venues anywhere in the world.
Party Planners - Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs

Magnificent marquees and barmitzvah party decorations. Providing everything from conception to conclusion including barmitzvah party ideas, invitations, designs, venues and marquees, catering, styling, theming, florals, table centres and candelabras through to performers, bands, entertainment, superb d├ęcor, props, furniture and prop hire.

Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs - Party Theming

Bat mitzvah Theming

Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs - Party Decorations

Bar mitzvah Decorations

Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs - Entertainments

Party Entertainments

Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs - Theming

Bar mitzvah Theming

Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs - Party Styling

Bar mitzvah Party Styling

Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs - Furniture