As an Event Production Company, Theme Traders team have been designing events and transforming venues for over 25 years so it is fair to say we know a thing or two about how to theme a party. That said…in an ever-changing and evolving event production industry such as ours, we constantly have to re-think and change our approach to how we bring a theme to life in order to stay fresh and keep innovation alive within our events. To remain at the top of our field in event production, we must learn constantly as we travel down an ever-changing path of creation, always questioning ourselves and pushing our boundaries to bring something ‘new’ to our client’s events.

Over four instalments we will be sharing some of our current top tips on how to do a theme and do it well. At the heart of every event, we do is the memories and the moments we want to create for your event and these are some of our magic tools to help us on that mission. Who’s to say that tomorrow these won’t all change? But that is the beauty of the event world…it is what we make it and we always want to make it great! Being a leading event production company we always have to think of the next big theme and hopefully, some of the tips below will provide some inspiration for your next event.

Pick a theme and give it a twist

We love nothing more than creating a new themed event…the more bizarre the better! From Louisiana swamp to Orange is the New Black and everything in between. Being an event production company there really are no limits and with a little imagination (and sometimes a pinch of courage) we can help you intrigue and surprise your guests before they even set foot on the red carpet of the event! That being said, sometimes the more obscure and ‘new’ themes can be expensive as they can involve bespoke elements to really bring them to life. A lot of our clients come to us because of our vast stock of props and scenery that we can utilise and ultimately make sure we pack a good punch whatever the budget. If you do go for a classic themed event (Hollywood, James Bond, Winter Wonderland and the likes) then as a professional event production company it is our job to try to shake it up a bit! Instead of Around The World go for Phileas Fogg vintage style with an explosion of exotic colours and aromas, rather than Jungle give a contemporary twist with Neon Jungle including urban elements and UV. Give murder mysteries a new lease of life with a Sherlock theme (playing on current TV / film trends is always a winner) or CSI vibe. The possibilities really are endless and even simply renaming a theme will open up your mind to new ideas and a fresh way of looking at the whole event. These are our flavour of the month re-invented themes:

  • Cinco De Mayo (instead of Mexican)
  • Marrakesh Market (instead of Arabian Nights)
  • Travelling Circus (instead of classic Circus)
  • Backstreets of Shanghai (instead of oriental)
  • Vintage South Pacific (instead of tropical)
  • Prom Night (instead of Grease)

Please don’t forget the fun factor

‘Good parties create a temporary state of youthfulness’
Mason Cooley

Sometimes the seriousness of planning an event makes us forget what we are actually doing. At Theme Traders, as an event production company, we understand parties are supposed to be fun… it is as simple as that! This is something to keep in mind as every decision is made…it sounds silly but if you aim to create a smile with everything you put into an event you are onto a winner. Let your guests wander through a tunnel of rainbow coloured ribbons, give them quirky photo opportunities, have retro sweet stalls to add an element of childhood nostalgia, plant enchanting characters in costume to bring energy to the event, fill the entrance with floating UV bubbles. Think fun every step of the way and you will put smiles on faces!

It is imperative that your chosen event production company must work with you so that you don’t lose sight of the main aim of pretty much any event; which is for people to have a good time. From private events where you want your family and friends to create lifelong memories to a product launch or brand activation where you want your guests to leave with positive associations of your product. Be playful in your delivery and include little surprises along the way. We made edible play dough and served it in playdough pots whilst blasting the fresh prince of bell air soundtrack…and it made guests laugh! Fill a tunnel with balloons and let your guests pop their way through. One of our favourite fun essentials is to use giant paper walls (these can be lit or projected on to make them part of the room) that guests can burst their way through to reveal a secret space or surprise behind!

Theme Traders are a professional London based creative events company, if you have any questions or for more information contact us on 020 8452 8518

To be continued…