Brains over budget

At Theme Traders, a London event company, very rarely do we get to work with unlimited budgets and sometimes clever spending is required to give impact at your event. Planning a creative event when money is no object is easy…you can throw every element of luxury venues, bespoke sets, sophisticated lighting, 5 star catering and top entertainment to wow your guests. When the purse strings have been pulled however it requires thoughtful allocation of budget to give value, this is where we can help you as a leading event company in London. Spending half the budget on a stunning entrance archway and then half-heartedly dressing the rest of the venue is not the way to go. These are our top tips on how to create an impact on a shoestring:

Talk to a London event production company like Theme Traders about what they have in stock / what themes they have produced recently. Using kit off the shelf will give a greater volume of production.

Any event company worth their salt will work with your venue…not against it. The reality is that you may not have the budget to cover all the floors and drape all the walls so pick a theme that suits the venue and then build on what you already have. Your event company of choice can help you here.

Take advantage of current informal trends like street food markets. You can create a super cool setting with oil drum tables, rustic pallet seats, strings of festoon and mismatched food stalls. The beauty of themes like this is that they are supposed to be raw and not look too polished! Up-cycled furniture, random paper lanterns, busker style musicians all add to the charm!


A lot of London event companies rely on technology, this can be expensive and there are other ways of doing things. People aren’t necessarily impressed by a big screen these days as we see them everywhere. If you can’t afford a digital graffiti wall then have a real one…a giant paper canvas with neon pens for your guests to scrawl on is great fun and you will gradually build up a work of art throughout the event!

Re-use and re-invent! Being at the forefront of event companies in London, we love breathing new life into our props and furniture and once you get creative the possibilities are endless. We can re-paint our Queens Guards statues in fluorescent pink for a neon party or hire you flight cases to use as coffee tables for a music-themed event.

Don’t discount cheaper materials when putting together designs for a themed event. You may think that balloons have had their day but when you fill a whole ceiling with them and allow trailing ribbons to fall within grasp of your guests you will understand why there is current balloon resurgence. Usually, we would shrink from the idea of a slash curtain but after covering all the walls in floor to ceiling gold slash for a Gastby bash recently we are definitely converts.



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To be continued…