How to theme an event in 2017 (Part Four)

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How to theme an event in 2017 (Part Four)

posted August 2017

The attraction of interaction (and event theming)

Following on from our tips on how to make your event immersive we feel so strongly about getting guests involved that we felt this warranted a piece all to itself.

We are so used to being constantly engaged… bombarded by a myriad of technologies and information on a daily basis that we get easily bored left to our own devices. Including interactive elements in your event is a great way to keep guests engaged and carry through the event theme into your entertainment.

There are thousands of ways to make your event theme interactive but here are a few of our all time favourites:

Giving your guests the opportunity to transform themselves visually in some way is a great tool to bring people together and inject some fun. Anything from festival or UV make up artists, 1950’s inspired beauty parlours or accessory ‘shops’ to costumed actors handing out fresh flower leis, glowing glasses, temporary tattoos or grass skirts. Everyone loves dressing up…it’s a bit of fun, and with a great event theme it always goes down a treat.



We love re-inventing traditional game stalls. They are cost effective and provide hours of fun…encouraging a bit of competitive spirit and giving guests the opportunity to win a prize or too. We can customise game stalls to suit any event theme, they can be fully branded or completely bespoke to enhance a message or product. Rather than your obvious coconut shy we make games like Frozen snowball shy and Spanish fiesta cactus hoopla run by gorgeous attendants who really engage with guests. Recently for a Grimm’s Fairytale party event theme we made hook a poison apple game in a giant smoking cauldron set within a candlelit castle.


Everyone loves a photo area and there are so many options on the market right now from selfie mirrors to photo pods. It is a fantastic way to get people to engage with the message of your event and to give your event a legacy. We love all types of photo opportunities but in particular we really enjoy creating immersive sets for guests to pose in. The event theming can be completely tailored to suit the mood and add a more theatrical element to your event. For example we recently created an Icelandic photo area with a log hot tub set within a snow covered forest. The hot tub was filled with false bubbles and frosted snow flakes so guests could get inside and pose for their pics.

As adults we rarely get the chance to get arty and creative. Including activities that allow your guests to get creative does not have to be naff! We have run pumpkin carving workshops during corporate drinks receptions, helped guests make their own real flower head garlands at festival parties, covered whole rooms in paper so guests can scrawl on the walls and floor…there are so many event theming options! For one event we painted a series of our giant props in white (including a full size zebra) and then let guests graffiti them throughout the night. If you want something technology based digital graffiti walls are also great fun and the creations can be uploaded straight to social media.



Food plays such an important part in events and there are many creative ways to encourage your guests to interact with this element rather than just blindly being handed a canape! Recently, for one themed event we built a dessert wall with hidden little doors and drawers built into it. Guests had to knock on a door or open a drawer to seek out their desserts…sometimes they would be lucky and find a treat or sometimes they would be surprised to find a hand from one of our hidden servers reaching out to grab them or be told to come back later. On another occasion we worked with Restaurant Associates to showcase their food and emphasise their British Heritage and love of local produce. We built a cute greenhouse with tomato plants growing up the framework so guests could pick their own tomatoes inside and then watch the chef create their own bespoke tomato salad.

We love coming up with new interactive elements, professional event theming can enhance your event so it is always worth a call to see what we can offer!

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