Written by David Jamilly.

Re-use, recycle, restore could so easily become a mantra for the events industry!

It is common knowledge that the world is currently creaking with the backlash of decades of blind consumerism and the ravages of a ‘throwaway attitude’ when it comes to manufactured goods.

The reckless plunder of earth’s natural resources has already resulted in climate change and consequential potential future scenarios include possibilities like famine, flood and disease.

On a more positive note however there are measures that we can adopt now in the events industry that will help to promote greater sustainability and help to slow things down a bit.

It makes common sense to consider the carbon footprint of an event; the location and distance attendees will have to travel – also to try to use local suppliers and local food.

Banning disposables and properly sorting waste are great measures to take; as are using re-cycled products and hiring event essentials as opposed to buying them whenever possible.

At Theme Traders, we have noticed an increasing trend with our clients (and one which we encourage!). This trend is to apply the 3 R’s at the design and conceptual stage of the event – recycle, re-use, restore.

For example; re-used, recycled, and restored event furniture can both add a fresh twist and make a great statement about sustainability as well as demonstrating organisational commitment to positive culture and values.

At Theme Traders, we have built up a massive hire stock over the years from sources all around the world but our current policy is only to buy in fresh inventory if it is retro/recycled/vintage/pre-used/multi-use. We apply this policy wherever possible.

Fresh plants and greenery are sustainable and can be re-used and will always have the effect of ‘softening’ the environment and bringing a welcome design element to most events. Living walls (living plant backdrops) are already a common feature in many global corporate HQ’s.

Wooden pallets and cable reels which have traditionally been disposed of, can be turned into funky contemporary furniture for events like tables, sofas, chairs and can look absolutely amazing. Metal oil drums and rubber tyres fall into the same category.

Our creative propmakers at Theme traders are constantly re-inventing designs to add to our large range of re-cycled event furniture.

Every effort, however small, that we can make in our own small way will help protect the planet – and will go a long way to turning the tide of previous decades of unsustainable habits.

Re-use, recycle, restore.