Breaking Mad

Once you were good. Now you are bad. Welcome to Mexico..!

There is a scheme but no system, a plot but no plan, where every wanton whim is catered for and the only law is that those who are not willing to break it need not attend, as this time round guests dabbled in the depths of their conscience to see just how truly “ bad” they were. This was a tasting session for debauchery and degeneration into criminality, loosely moulded under the umbrella of one particular cult TV show and the concept of breaking morality.

Guests were straight into the night with a time-travel back to school days; only this time around a different kind of education was on offer as they received schooling from the “Breakaway Academy” in how to be bad whilst snacking on a “nice” biscuit from the twisted tuck shop. A reminder that life is full of the morally grey preceded sitting an exam on their aptitude for Breakaway methods of immorality, before guests “graduated” by being thrown into the mix of a full-swing American frat party. Here all the temptations of college life were on offer in a customised frat house, with excess and extravagance as the order of the day, and a rave DJ ensuring the party never stopped.

Continuing the journey guests moved into the ‘laundry maze’ factory; a winding labyrinth of hanging laundry crisscrossed into hidden avenues of foam and soapy bubbles, grime-encrusted staff rooms and staff kitchens where guests were invited to smash their lunch plates against the walls and vandalise the toilet cubicles with a few choice words about the boss… After exploring the maze guests were dressed in special boiler suits and sent to work for the back of shop business, exploring their criminality in a specially constructed UV meth lab where dry ice cocktails flowed on tap provided by genius mixologists Create Cocktails. Guests sipped a bespoke blue concoction, whilst they smashed and bagged trays of sparkling blue crystal meth, amidst the canisters and ultraviolet landscape of the electric blue and white meth factory.

Guests were then bundled onto a “Breakaway tour” with a full tour crew facilitating their escape to Mexico aboard a classic RV; before disembarking into the sand-filled paradise of Mexico complete with tasty treats from food vendors Taco Truck and giveaways to remember the night; sand, sol and sombreros were all on the menu! Finally smashing through a top-secret final component, that has become something of a Secret Party TT trademark, guests were then entertained with the Mexican sound-waves of our secret mariachi band, before a surprise encounter with the DEA saw the party come to an abrupt end and the guests officially “broken”.

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