Freaky Thursday


An immersive freaky Thursday deconstructed children’s party…for adults…where guest’s started their journey at the end of a birthday party. Their thematic adventure was the memory of the party as they travelled through a series of experiences that evoked nostalgia at every turn.

Some say that a great party creates a temporary youthfulness and guests lost themselves to the fun of all the ingredients real parties are made of.

Special thanks go to our special guest caterers London Kitchen who introduced us to edible Play-Doh and other delicious anomalies such as savour cupcakes and macaroons.

Fun included arrival by vintage bus to a glorious balloon room complete with curious characters and an inappropriate balloon modeller, the crayon room with the freedom to draw on every wall and surface, and a giant pass the parcel where guest’s where invited, by a flamboyant commentator, to rip through wrapping paper walls, one layer at a time to reveal several experiential, nostalgic party games (obviously with an adult twist) to include Twister, musical statues, a human lucky dip, and an interactive food wall from The London Kitchen. One by one, guests were told they were ‘out’ and taken to the FOMO clinic where they were diagnosed by a doctor and prescribed the necessary remedy of a colourful pill and a selfie to alleviate the symptoms…which took them to the Sugar High Club, a psychedelic airport lounge where things got a bit weirder. As a final surprise, guests were suited up, split into two teams to embark on an epic food fight to the soundtrack of Gladiators!

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