Island Records Album Launch – London

We love a good PR stunt, especially when it involves great music! Theme Traders were approached by Island Records (who hold the likes of Ariana Grande, Annie Lennox, Drake, Florence & the Machine and U2 in their arsenal) to create an unforgettable album launch for alternative rock band, Spring King.

Island Records needed a company they could trust to design, build and completely manage a moving float that would visit key locations in London, all with the aim of creating a talking point and awareness for Spring King’s eagerly awaiting 2nd album, A Better Life.

In addition to designing and managing the aesthetics and logistics of the lorry, the float also needed to be ready for a surprise gig! When reaching certain locations around the capital, one side of the flat was to drop away to reveal the band themselves, complete with drums, guitars, microphone and speakers for a public performance and live preview of songs from the new album. Very ‘1969-Beatles-rooftop-concert’, but on wheels!

The Theme Traders team had great fun with this project, building a set around a lorry that fully replicated artwork from the new album cover. The float stopped at Radio One, Spotify and You Tube and culminated in a fantastic live performance by the band on the streets of Camden in a prime location outside The Electric Ballroom. The band managed to play four songs from A Better Life, stopping traffic and entertaining a stunned lunchtime crowd.

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