North West Fest


A festival on speed, this journey allowed guests to experience everything that could be encountered at a summer festival in a whirlwind two and a half hours!

Upon arriving at a seemingly uneventful car park lot, guests were met by a retro groovy camper van with festival wares and neon splattered wellies stacked high on the back by an eccentric festival attendant. Guests were given a grounds map which instructed them how to find the main site; camping gear, tents and mess tins were then also distributed to take down to the festival and guests set off!

The journey was not without encounters with the local festival traders and ticket touts, whilst flashes of random animals could also be spotted roaming amongst the streets. Once safely arrived at North West Fest it was time to head into the camping village for some steaming wraps courtesy of Falafel Feast, guests were able to chill in giant deckchairs and hammocks amongst a neon landscape of oil drums and oversized flowers, get their festival glitter face paint and leave their mark on an enormous neon covered graffiti wall.  Those who wanted the after-hours festival feel could stop into the UV rave container, stationed next to the village, where the resident DJ played heavy House tunes from across the continent.

Next stop was a Holi colour fest; guests were suited and booted with goggles, suits and masks before being deposited into a giant outdoors white room constructed of paper walls and floor; cups of powder paint lay in wait for guests whilst hoses sprayed water from above. Once they were seeing in technicolour guests were then hurried through a sludgy mud trail before an enclosed balloon tunnel that led to a trippy room where smoking cocktails and a giant mushroom offering munchies lay in wait.

To finish the experience, guests burst out of their contained psychedelic box to be heralded by the fantastic Coco and the Butterfields, who played their set amidst the backdrop of a raw and urban warehouse, everyone was on their feet dancing as the sun went down on this festival on speed!

From generators and toilets to flickering festoon and chilled DJ’s we provided all production elements to create an ambient yet buzzing street festival vibe to compliment the Birra Moretti brand.

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