Liberty Global – Peter Pan Party

The Event: Peter Pan Corporate Family Summer Party

The Location: Regents University London

What we did: The gardens of Regents University were transformed into a wondrous Neverland for an annual summer party for adults and their children to enjoy. The first stop on our guest’s journey was a visit to the Red Indians camp complete with a series of authentic tipi huts and a giant totem pole! Then the Lost Boys Hideout where the children engaged in an assault course and a round of sword fight training! Guests were then invited to relax in Tink’s Fairy house; a stunning pagoda filled with brightly coloured ribbon streamers and giant glittered butterflies. A mermaid’s lagoon set up inside the marquee was complete with iridescent shells and bubble balloons and a make-up area for adults and children to get their faces painted. Finally, the last chapter of the Peter Pan story was a voyage in a life-size pirate boat! The kids spent hours playing in this fantastic stage set whilst parents enjoyed sipping on cocktails in our rustic Pirate Rum bar!

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