Where Is the Party


An exclusive thematic journey with one key question, ‘Where is the Party?’

Amidst an apocalyptic backdrop, where the dredges of society lurked in dark corners to lure and tempt the soul, guests roamed freely through the alleyways and closeted-away buildings of a derelict urban landscape. Ushered into brothels to be administered a syringe shot, invited to a fitting for their own coffin at an altogether unusual funeral parlour “Scream Traders”, and offered the chance to be guest at their own funeral, guests journeyed through a tongue in cheek, yet disconcerting, end of the world experience.

On their walk-around guests spotted hooded and masked figures who loitered around the homeless soup kitchen where fresh hot pizza was served to the guests, who could eat their slices whilst projected warnings and clips flashed across the walls of nearby buildings. There was also the chance to visit the Fancy Death Shop; after all, it’s important to look good in the afterlife, and vandalise the cars and abandoned furniture of the apocalypse with graffiti cans, but take care not to disturb the remaining residents… Those who then ventured through an unsuspicious portaloo would find themselves, not in a bathroom, but meeting Mr Crapper in his party shop; all sorts of trinkets and wares were available for the lucky few who found his eccentric hidden emporium.

To end the night guests were ushered into a holding zone and made to believe the end of the world party had come to its demise, only to be given the chance for one last dance in Mexico at their very own Day of the Dead fiesta; bursting through a paper wall guests emerged into a full scale festival scene with inflatable cacti and a wall of sound, a Mariachi band with a twist helped them party till the end of days…

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