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Catering Equipment

Catering equipment hire, speciality themed catering equipment hire, event party catering equipment hire. Catering equipment, market trestles, ice-cream bikes, pop-corn, candy floss machines, pewter goblets, themed food stalls, tequila belts, canape trays, serving carts. Catering equipment can be installed or hired with props and dressed to any theme.
Champagne Fountain

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Themetraders catering equipment and catering costumes are available in large sets. Hire Equipment can come with costumed performers to set up run it at an event. Champagne fountains, pop-out cakes, glasses, plates, cutlery. Themed equipment, tropical, medieval, retro, american diner, unusual catering equipment for installation or hire.

Pewter & Goblets

Themed Catering Equipment

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Themed Catering Equipment

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