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Drapes, Drapes for Events, Themed Drapes, Room Drapes, Divider Drapes, Hire Scenic Drapes, Velvet Drapes, Hire, Buy or Custom Made Drapes. Drapes from Theme Traders party planners made to measure drapes or stock drapes. Drapes can be installed, drapes can be customised and themed for short term or long term installations.
Velvet Drapes

Any style of drapes can be hired. Themetraders drapes stock can be viewed on line. any drape or backdrop for any themed party or event. Theme traders have huge quantities of matching and themed fabulous drapes. Drapes freestanding as room dividers, for any theme, tropical, award ceremonies. Black drapes hire, star cloth hire and full draping service for all events.


Drapes Installations

Drapes with lights

Drapes Light Up

Drapes - room Transformations

Drapes - Transformations

Soft Draping

Soft Drapes

starcloths - installation

Star cloths

Party Draping

Party Draping