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Event Rigging

Event Rigging, Riggers and Installation Crews work primarily with Theme Traders party planners at events, parties launches, rigging and installing decor, furniture, props, party decorations and draping. The riggers and rigging crew are second to none. Highly professional and used to working regularly at all of the top venues, in marquees, hotels, and worldwide.
Production Services - Event Rigging

Themetraders rigging crews are fully trained in all aspects of event installation, scenic displays, decor, props, draping. The riggers can install anything for any events. All the riggers crew are fully trained, and conversant with Health and Safety requirements while on site rigging.

Event Rigging - Installation Crews

Installation Crews

Event Rigging - Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands

Event Rigging - Stage Sets

Stage Sets

Event Rigging - Draping


Event Rigging - Party Decorations

Party Decorations

Event Rigging - Permanent Installations

Permanent Installations