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Event Prop Hire

Event prop hire, event props and prop hire stock for displays party and theming, ideal for party planners, party organisers, Christmas parties, birthday parties, themed events, a theme party or theme promotion. Themetraders has the best quality and largest event prop hire stock in Europe. Visit To See Props by appointment.

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Event prop hire for events, props for films, props for television, event furniture, backdrops, event drapes for hire, model and prop making. Any theme props for hire with or without installations for parties, visual merchandising, advertising, photographers and stylists.

Event Props Hire Stock

Event Prop Hire Stock

Props - Installations

Event Prop Installations

Props & Prop Making

Prop Making

Props - Party Planners

Party Planners

Props - Backdrops & Drapes

Backdrops and Drapes Hire

Props & Furniture Hire

Furniture Hire