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Experiential Live Events

Experiential live events organisers, experiential and live roadshow marketing services and live marketing solutions. Sampling, Road shows, Launches. Concept brainstorming to brief through to a totally integrated or part service including field/mobile, point of sale, experiential events, promotions and road shows. Theme Traders will create a customised live event to bond the consumer to the product.
Event - Live & Experiential Events

On-site sampling branded areas at press buildings, street promotions, product themed events days on office premises, branded areas for events, retail sector and festivals. Offering a full or part service Themetraders can action or design a practical experiential live event using in-house resources. Event design, branding, prop making, performers, roadshows and full event management for live events

Live & Experiential Events - Performers

Performers - Experiential

Live & Experiential Events - Branding

Branding Live Events

Live & Experiential Events - Event Management

Event Management

Live & Experiential Events - Prop Making

Prop Making - Live Events

Live & Experiential Events - Roadshows

Sampling and Roadshows

Live & Experiential Events - Concept & Design

Design and Concept - Events