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Film Locations - The Farm - External

Splendid farm, with character buildings, superb views, working grass runway and hangars. One hour north of London. 80 acres in Leighton Buzzard, woods, streams, deer, farmland, containers, and long private drive. All totally versatile and exceptional potential for filming also superb internal.Tv Filming locations and Film Production farm Locations Themetraders is always flexible to special requirements, tight budgets and joint opportunities.
farm locations aerial view

View The Farm External Floor Plans.

ThemeTraders filming Locations can be hired empty or as is where possible or the filming locations can be set up to specification. Props and sets can be set up in the filming locations, stunning location ideal for action movies, very private and flexible location with all facilities. Make appointment to view - spectacular opportunities.

Farm Entrance Gate_locations

Film - Entrance Gates


The Farm- Entrance Side

Farm Forest locations

The Farm - Forest Location

Farm-Main Hangar Location

The Farm - Main Hangar


The Farm - Drive way

Farm Locations

Floor Plans