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Film Locations - Ross

Ross Studios, Photographic Locations Film Studios, London, nw2, white brick internal fabulous natural light and characterful windows. Very attractive mewsey style building. Upstairs self contained studio space with kitchen, bathroom, changing room, also ground floor empty large warehouse space. Parking, Filming Locations, ideal for amazing photography.Video shoots, Filming Locations, Tv Filming Locations, Props and Set Build available on site.Themetraders is always flexible to special requirements, tight budgets and joint opportunities.

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ThemeTraders filming Locations can be hired empty or as is where possible or the filming locations can be set up to specification. Props and sets can be set up in the filming locations, experienced in-house costumiers, set dressers, stylists available on call. Thousands of props, costumes, drapes, lights available discounted on themetraders filming locations.


Ross Upstairs Film Locations


Ross Studio - External


Ross Green Location


Ross - Groundfloor Space


Gated Locations Entrance