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Historical Props and Theming

Historical props, Historical theming, Historical decorations for Royal Weddings. Thrones, Candelabras, Costumes, Historical props, Historical theming, Historical themed parties, Historical party decorations, Historical event props, Historical banners, table settings, carts, barrels, goblets, long tables, benches, food stretchers, armour. Everything to make an amazing Historical themed event and display.
Historical Props & Theming

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Historical theming is amazing for banquets. Enter through the ale house to a room with Long Tables lit by huge floor standing candelabras, gold place settings, brocade runners, armour statues and Historical room theming. Theming opulnt enough for the King and Queen at a Royal Wedding. Full or part room theme or simply hire props from Themetraders vast Historical prop hire stock.

Historical Banquets - Fake Food

Historical Banquets

Historical - Pewter & Goblets

Historical - Table Dressings

Historical - Armour

Historical - Armour

Historical Costumes

Historical Costumes

Historical Flags, Pennants & Backdrops

Pennants and Backdrops

Historical Props - Barrels

Ale House Props - Barrels