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Horror Props - Halloween Props Theme

Horror Props, Halloween Props Theme, Horror skeletons, pumpkins coffins and graveyards, Halloween Party theming. Horror Event Prop Hire, Horror Party Theme. Coffins, Tombstones, Candelabras, Vampires, Ghosts and Witches. Horror props and event decorations for horror displays, Halloween costumes, guillotines, rats,and bats.

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ThemeTraders offer magnificent horror event and horror party decorations from vast in-house props stock or can custom make horror decorations for temporary or permanent installations. Horror themed decorations, props, prop hire, draping, theming and horror table centres create superb halloween event decorations.

Horror Themed Props

Horror Props

Horror Themed Candelabra

Horror Theming - Candelabras

Horror Themed Backdrops

Horror - Halloween Backdrops

Horror Themed Props & Skeletons

Horror Props and Statues

Horror Themed props & Armour

Horror Props and Armour

Horror Themed Props & Coffins

Horror Props and Coffins