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Prop Hire

Prop Hire, party prop hire, theme prop hire, event prop hire, film prop hire. Prophire for every event, party and theme. Theme Traders has the largest, best and most comprehensive prop hire stock in Europe. Themetraders has enormous quantities of fabulous props. Over 7000 images for prop hire online in multiples - ideal for events and parties.

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Prop hire for every occasion and theme. Props can be made to order for hire for advertising, product launches and branding. The prophire quality is second to none. Please arrange a visit by appointment to view ThemeTraders amazing props for hire.

Prop Hire Branding

Prop Hire - Advertising and Branding

Prop Hire

Prop Hire - Theme

Prop Hire - Film Props

Prop Hire - Film

Prop Hire - Visual Merchandising & Display

Prop Hire - Visual Merchandising and Display

Prop Hire - Furniture

Prop Hire - Furniture Hire

Prop Hire - Launches