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Prop makers

Prop makers, prop construction, prop model makers, prop design, scenery makers, prop set makers, prop stock. Theme traders have superb prop makers and prop makers facilities with prop workshops. Visit Theme Traders prop makers studiosby appointment and view the prop makers in action and view the largest props stock in Europe. Any props can be made or designed to brief by specialised prop makers in any medium.Themetraders props stock can be viewed on line.

Prop makers will create any size props, oversized props, bespoke prop makers for special prop projects, window displays, experiential props, props for events. Full event installation services Ideal for launches, events, parties, themes, promotions, photo shoots, tv movies and film. prop makers will offer bespoke props as a prop hire or to buy. Theme Traders prop makers have worked at top level see prop makers video youtube and ring to chat through all possibilities.

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