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Red Carpet

Red Carpet, Red Carpet theme, Gold Stansions, Red Ropes, VIP Entrance Red Carpet Hire or Red Carpetinstallation Red carpet hire, red ropes, VIP entrance, flames, props, plants hire. Red carpet, gold stansions and silver stanchions. Red carpet is available for hire, red carpet installation, or sale in any size and length, ideal for Special Celebratory Royal Ocassions, red carpet style VIP event. Red carpet can be installed, hired, printed, logoed and branded with messages for events, weddings, promotions and parties.

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Themetraders has been involved in hundreds of red carpet and vip events, and is proud to have had many royals use their carpets and decorations for vip events when rolling out the red carpet really shows respect. red carpet is ideal for every event, as well as red carpet hire Themetraders party planners can install red carpet for weddings, theming, parties and also has props and decorations and furniture hire to match.



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