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Santa Clause Props, Statues and Theming

Santa Clause props, Santa Clause statues, sleighs, Christmas props, prop hire, grotto theming. Santa hire and installations for Christmas parties, Christmas venues and displays. Christmas party planners, Christmas party props and event prop hire. Theme Traders create Grottos, Winter wonderlands and everything for adults and childrens events.
Santa Claus Statues


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Christmas sleigh displays, Santa Clause, father Christmas and the sleighs packed with christmas presents. All themed in a wonderful winter wonderland. Christmas ideas, christmas games, christmas decorations, christmas props and prop hire services. Themetraders has superb Father Christmas performers, father Christmas costumes, statues and entertainers.

Christmas Santa Statue

Santa Statues

Santa Sleighs

Santa's Sleighs

Santas Reindeer Statues

Santas Reindeer

Seated Santas

Santa Seated

gold Santa Thrones

Santa Throne

Christmas Backdrops

Christmas Backdrops