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Scenic Workshops

Scenic Workshops, props, prop hire, prop model making, backdrops, scenery, furniture workshops, sets, set decorations, costumes, customised props any scale branding and design.Theme Traders offer extensive scenic workshops. Exhibition stands, oversized props, costumes, scenery, scenic artists designers and painters all available for installations.
Production Services - Scenic Workshops

Themetraders scenic workshops and prop makers create any weird and wonderful props, Fabrication and design in all mediums, ideal for parties, events, themes, promotions, photo shoots. tv movies and film. All props, backdrops, costumes available as a prop hire or to purchase. Theme traders have creative teams of prop, costume, scenery and model makers.

Scenic Workshops - Backdrops

Scenic Backdrops

Scenic Workshops - Costume Making

Costume Making

Scenic Workshops - Event Design

Event Design

Scenic Workshops - Model Making

Model Making

Scenic Workshops - Prop Making

Prop Making

Scenic Workshops - Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands