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Telephone Box Hire

Telephone Box hire, red telephone boxes, telephone box props, traditional telephone box, gold telephone boxes, hire, period telephone box hire. We will hire and install telephone boxes anywhere for events. Theme traders vast stock of amazing telephone boxes are ideal for photographic shoots, theming, prophire, they are fun and create character in any venues, parties, and corporate hospitality ocassions.
X-Factor Olly Murs Telephone Boxes

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Themetraders create and have provided stunning traditional telephone boxes for the X-Factor Olly Murrs, also glittered a gold telephone box for Britains Next Top Model, Ideal for events, photographers, filming and stylists. Themetraders has a great selection of telephones, telephone boxes and telphone box prophire.

Gold Telephone Boxes

Gold Telephone Boxes

Vintage & Retro Telephones

Vintage and Retro Telephones

Telephone Props - Giant telephones

Telephone Props

Red Telephone Box Kiosk

Red Telephone Boxes

Police Telephone Box - Tardis

Police Telephone Box - Tardis

Hotline Dial Telephones

Hotline Telephones