Our London based workshop churns out an astonishing array of bespoke props from giant shopping trolleys and golden foxes to full-size telephone boxes, poodles covered in flowers and replica dragons. They can make literally anything and use a vast assortment of materials depending on the client’s requirement and budget.



Polystyrene is a surprisingly versatile material we use to create forms ranging from oversized products to the contents of a giant shopping bag. Yes, that’s right…the squeaky packaging stuff that your TV comes in! Our talented sculptors carve by hand from huge blocks of the stuff to create even the most intricate statue or model whether it be an over-sized sculpture of a perfume bottle (perhaps for a launch event) or a giant tomato (perhaps for a photo shoot).


Once the polystyrene has been sculpted we then coat this in an acrylic resin based fibreglass…scrimming and coating…scrimming and coating, with lots of filling and sanding to achieve a smooth and solid finish. The advantages of making models in this way are that we can ensure they are incredibly strong whilst remaining fairly light…giving you durability but also flexibility in being able to manoeuvre props around.


Finally once the desired surface has been achieved our prop makers complete the job with spray paint finishes, achieving intricate shading and textures to bring the prop to life before it is sent away with its new owners.


If you are considering having something custom made, in particular out of polystyrene here are some useful tips including what you need to know before getting a quote:

Know what you need!

Before we can quote for a bespoke prop we need to know some pretty basic information. What do you want us to make? How big do you want it to be? When do you need it for?

Tell us how the prop will be used!

This may sound obvious but it is really important we understand exactly how the prop will be used in order to quote for the right thing:

Will it be used indoors / outdoors / both?

How long will the prop be used for? (This affects how durable it needs to be)

What setting will it be used in? (There is a big difference between a shop window and nightclub!)

Is the prop going to fit into your venue space and through the front door?!

Know what your expectations are!

Getting props made can be expensive and the exact costs will depend on how premium a finish you require. The more we coat in resin and scrim the better the finish we can achieve but this also has an impact on cost. If the prop is for a close-up photo shoot then yes you will probably need a super high-quality finish. However, if your prop is for a one-off marketing stunt where it will only be seen from a distance then you may be able to reduce costs by bringing the level of finish down a notch or two.

Bespoke props, statues, models, replicas can really add value and impact to an event. They can be a talking point, create photo opportunities, brand awareness…the list is endless. Getting something made for your event is often very simple and can be produced on short timescales. We offer bespoke props as just one of our creative event production services and are always happy to offer advice on how to bring your ideas to life!