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An insight into the world of creative event production... our inspiration, ideas and top tips!

Event Management

September 2018

It is only twenty-five years or so since Leeds Metropolitan University introduced the first full time event management course in the UK. Since then this study area has become a mainstream degree subject with over…

Theme Traders Production Village

May 2018

From humble beginnings in 1988 and two rented garages in Finchley, Theme Traders rapidly grew to become a benchmark name in the British events industry. A phenomenon of the late 21st Century and the incrementally…

World Leading Prop Hire Collection

April 2018

Collecting props is no different to collecting art or antiques and Theme Traders houses one of the most unique collections in the world comprising of over ten thousand pieces available for prop hire. Many props…

Floral Design – Say it with flowers

March 2018

As a company, we experience a whole myriad of creative themes for our events which often allows us to incorporate floral dressing. Escaping the norm of what may be perceived as floral arranging, our experienced…

2018 Event Design and Styling

February 2018

Botanical The greenery event trend is here to stay! With people increasingly focusing on their relationship with the natural world, as well as their own healthy lifestyles and wellbeing, our growing love of all things…

Bespoke Costumes

January 2018

Often it is not just the venue that we are asked to transform for an event, but also our clients and their guests, with amazing bespoke costume pieces! Costumes at a private party can be…

Carving a niche (with bespoke props)

October 2017

Our London based workshop churns out an astonishing array of bespoke props from giant shopping trolleys and golden foxes to full-size telephone boxes, poodles covered in flowers and replica dragons. They can make literally anything…

How to theme an event in 2017 (Part Four)

August 2017

The attraction of interaction (and event theming) Following on from our tips on how to make your event immersive we feel so strongly about getting guests involved that we felt this warranted a piece all to itself.…

How to theme an event in 2017 (Part Three)

July 2017

Immersivitus The immersive trend is nothing new but it is a very powerful tool that should not be discounted as a fad by event management companies. By bridging the lines between events and theatre we are challenging…

How to theme an event in 2017 (Part Two)

June 2017

Brains over budget At Theme Traders, a London event company, very rarely do we get to work with unlimited budgets and sometimes clever spending is required to give impact at your event. Planning a creative event…

How to theme an event in 2017 (Part One)

May 2017

As an Event Production Company, Theme Traders team have been designing events and transforming venues for over 25 years so it is fair to say we know a thing or two about how to theme…