As a company, we experience a whole myriad of creative themes for our events which often allows us to incorporate floral dressing.

Escaping the norm of what may be perceived as floral arranging, our experienced team completely transform rooms with floral design on all levels; from immersive Jungle settings, blooming country gardens, creepy forests or frozen winter wonderlands. Even just subtle touches of flowers and foliage, often it’s these more detailed finishing touches that can launch a brand, immerse an audience and delight party goers. Fortunately, our close collaboration with the suppliers at the flower market means we are always on hand to decorate with flowers!

The wonderful thing about floral décor is the life that it breathes into an event, creating a sense of reality to suit any scene.

When creating any floral design it is key to consider the scents that you bringing into a space, as this is an essential part of making an impact on any event. A trip through a woodland is enhanced with the addition of moss and bark, the depth of a jungle is created with the scent of fresh ginger and tropical palms and the spirit of Christmas is held in the beauty of fresh fir. Our floral arrangements are designed with this in mind so each element has its own sense of purpose and positive enhancement to the décor.

Themed floral décor is sometimes used as an alternative to more classical heavy theming. The event may be more stylised, or smaller in production and a large feature display will offer a wow factor piece and provide enough impact to support the event.

Floral styling on events can stretch as far as the imagination, used to add colour, scenery, scent, beauty and on occasion simple floral indulgence. This is certainly a medium we love using and try to incorporate wherever possible.